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Crown Valley is nestled in the Foothills of Pasadena. Our goal is to provide excellent plant material backed by expert knowledge and advice. We are proponents of sustainability and seek to educate and offer alternative solutions to conventional gardening practices.



Crown Valley Nursery offers a vast selection of shrubs and perennials with a focus on specialty varieties. Our commitment is to promote California Friendly Gardens through the use of native and water wise plant material. 

Water Wise Plant Material

  • California Lilac - Ceanothus - Centennial, Concha, Dark Star, Yankee Point.
  • Arctostaphylos - Manzanita - Howard McMinn, Emerald Carpet, Dr. Hurd.
  • Lavandula - Lavender - English, French, Spanish, Hidcote, Munstead, Goodwin Creek, Otto Quast, Grosso, Fred Boutin.
  • Cistus - Rockrose - purpureus, salvifolius, Sunset.
  • Rosmarinus - Rosemary - Huntington Carpet, Ken Taylor, Irene,.
  • Australian Rosemary - Westringia - Morning Light, Smokey, Wynyabbie Gem.
  • Sage - Salvia - apiana, chamaedryoides, clevelandii, greggii, Bee's Bliss.
  • Agave varieties - americana, tequilana, desmettiana, vilmoriniana, kissho kan, Blue Glow, Blue Flame.

Hedge Material

  • Ficus - Nitida, 'Green Gem.'
  • Ligustrum (Privet, Texas Privet) - japonicum, texanum.
  • Podocarpus - gracilior (African Fern Pine), henkelii (Long Leafed Yellow-wood), macrophyllus (Yew), 'Maki,' 'Icee Blue.'
  • Eugenia - myrtifolia (Brush Cherry), myrtifolia 'Monterey Bay.'
  • Dodonea - viscosa purpurea (Purple Hopseed Bush).